Job Experience

Head of Product & Co-Founder | VINETEQ | November 2018 - Feburary 2020

I started VINETEQ during my Sophomore year of college with two entrepreneurial friends of mine. VINETEQ is a SaaS business where we aid vineyard owners in the agricultural spray decision making process by utilizing a mixture of both algoritm decision-making systems. We have learned a lot from this experience and the company has come a long way from where it started.

I have learned further about:

Our product is set to launch this Fall and we hope to get honest feedback from the clients we have been working with cloesly. In the past, we have competed in pitch competitions and participated in the LOCI MindHive Incubator Program.

Research Assistant | James Madison Univerity | May 2019 - Present

I am a Research Assistant with Dr. Shraddha Joshi in the James Madison University Eningeering Department. The main focus of our research is a basis around Internet of Things technologies. During the Summer of 2019, I worked with her in hopes to develope an IoT enabled design studio that would aid students along the way with both light-color and sound manipulation. We have since pivotted due to the high amount of outside professional help to further develop the prototype. We are now looking into many fields of interest where there is the opportunity of IoT solutions in hopes to patent our idea.

My responsibilities include:

Physics Learning Assistant | James Madison University | August 2018 - Present

At JMU, the low-level Physics classes are taught in a reverse classroom style. My role within this structure is to aid students in learning complex Physics concepts and mathematical methodology to solve real-world problems. I stand in on classes, answer questions, and push students' to learn Physics.