Society of Entrepreneurs | President | Janurary 2019 - Present

Society of Entrepreneurs is a professional club at James Madison University. In order to join the club a perspective memmber must first apply and recieve partake in an interview with all current members. The purpose of this is to keep the club small with a full membership of people currently partaking in entrepreneurial activities. (running a business, starting a venture, in early stages, etc.) In order to receive my status as President, I was interviewed by 12 members of the alumni board where they then voted if I should be awarded that title. Our members have a strong network where everyone acts as a brand ambassadors for their fellow members.

NAE Grand Challenges Scholars Program | Fellow | Decemeber 2017 - Present

NAE Grand Challenges Scholars Program consists of a network of colleges and universities that have agreed to start up this fellowship program. For this program, perspective members must send an application to the Head of Engineering, Dr. Kurt Paterson, where he then decides if each individual is fit for the program. By graduation, members must complete five pillars; Talent, Multidisciplinary, Visible Bussiness/Entrepreneurship, Multicultrual, and Social Consciousness Competency. This club allows members to become well rounded engineers and allows members to find their passion within the pillars.

Engineering Ambassadors | Lead of the In-Reach Committee | April 2018 - Present

Engineering Ambassadors, or EA for short, is an organization with the goal to change the conversation about engineering from your math and science based stereotype to the truthful abundance of creativity. As the Lead of the In-Reach Committee, my main responsibilities consist of planning and executing events for visitors. This includes events as small as a family coming to visit the department and as large as 50+ middle school students coming to JMU to participate in an engineering based activity.